Sail Score is your solution for scoring regattas.

Quickly and easily enter regatta information and then email the generated results report.

Setup teams. Enter sailors.

Sit/Stand whatever you want and enter the results of your regatta as it is happening. Then email the generated results.


- Enter and store team and boat information (NEW: Also allows importing previously entered team information into a new Regatta)

- Enter and store race results

+ Auto Adjust race results when a boat is disqualified or otherwise changed in rank. (Rankings are adjusted to maintain sequential order)

- Display and Email results (now includes sending results as a CSV attachment in addition to sending the results in the body of an email)

- Display and Email automatically generated rotation

Scoring for the following types of regattas:

Single Division

Two Division Rotational

Two Division Non Rotational

Multiple Fleets

We have lots of features planned for Sail Score. Let us know what features are most important for you and your team.

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