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Would you like a completely
new and different game for the Macintosh computer?

Do you want action? Strategy? Puzzles?
Why not all threecombined
in one amazing game?

Presenting: Snake Quest. Yeah, it may be
similar to that game you have on your cell
phone or calculator. And the Grand Canyon
may be similar to that pothole down the road.

This is not a new twist on an old classic.

Zip past a flying arrow, avoid that block in your path, flip a switch and a gate opens clearing your way to that final jewel in the level. Grab that bonus on your way over, because you'll be done in no time. Except you run into an invisible wall and deflect into a transporter. Now if only you could find a way to get to that button to make those invisible walls visible...

In most levels, your basic goal as a snake in Snake Quest is to get all the jewels in a level. However, many levels will have a goal other than jewel collection, such as reaching a specific destination or simply staying alive for a period of time... All the while you may have to solve puzzles, avoid (or try to gather!) objects flying across the screen, use teleports to move from one area to another, or get invincibility to become un-kill-able for a short period.

Are you ready for your own copy? Head over to the Download Snake Quest page and stop drooling all over your keyboard already!

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