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Snake Quest is available for download now!

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iPad: App Store

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Old version available for older systems

System Requirements

68K or PPC series processor
Mac OS X 10.0 - 10.6.8
- or - System 7.0.1 - 9.1
A monitor capable of a resolution of 640x480 or greater

By downloading this software you agree to the terms in this license agreement.

For older PPC Mac OS X systems 10.0 - 10.5.x: Download (.zip) 8.7MB

(Stuffit Expander 5.5 or later is required for decompression for the following two links)

For 68K or PPC System 7.0.1 - 9.1 systems: Download (.sit) 7.6MB

Download (.hqx) 10.4MB

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